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King’s College London takes responsibility for date snafu that led to apparent embargo break

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kclOn Monday morning, Newsweek’s Elijah Wolfson asked me a question on Twitter:

Wolfson was asking about this BBC story. So I checked things out, and learned that the apparent break wasn’t the BBC’s fault. The King’s College press office tells Embargo Watch:

The BBC did not break the embargo, nor did any other UK news outlet.

We sent the attached release to UK media and the Press Association, who produced their own copy with the correct embargo of 00:01 UK time Monday 19 October.

Unfortunately, when the press release was uploaded to EurekAlert, our press officer adjusted the time to US Eastern but incorrectly input the wrong date (it should have been the preceding day of Sunday 18 October, evening time in the US).

When EurekAlert contacted us to inform us that there was a discrepancy and some news outlets were reporting the story, we responded to clarify the error in our uploading of the release, and to confirm that the paper had indeed been published (we sent them the link to the abstract online).

We apologise for any confusion caused.


Written by Ivan Oransky

October 23, 2015 at 9:00 am

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