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Dermatology journal lifts embargo early after organization forgets to include embargo notice

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jidEarly Monday morning of last week (January 20th), several hours before a scheduled noon Eastern embargo lift, the Nature Publishing Group press office sent a note to its media list:

Please note that the embargo on the Journal of Investigative Dermatology paper below is lifted, effective immediately, due to early reporting.

The beginning of the press release about the study:

Sunlight exposure may reduce blood pressure by altering nitric oxide (NO) levels in skin and blood, according to a study published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology. While limiting sunlight exposure is important to prevent skin cancer, the authors suggest that minimizing exposure may be disadvantageous as it may increase the risk of prevalent conditions related to cardiovascular disease.

Nature tells Embargo Watch:

..unfortunately one of the organisations involved in promoting this research failed to include an embargo in their promotional materials.  As a result a number of outlets reported the story, unaware of the embargo.  As soon as the Nature press office became aware that this had occurred, we contacted all of the journalists that received our press release and lifted the embargo.  Whilst we were unable to publish the paper early, we made it available on our website homepage so that the research could still be read by interested parties prior to publication.


Written by Ivan Oransky

January 27, 2014 at 9:00 am

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