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More inadvertent embargo breaks at AHA, this time of JAMA studies, again not by journalists

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Yesterday, the American Heart Association (AHA), whose annual meeting is going on in Los Angeles this week, had to lift an embargo early after they broke it themselves — or at least the vendor they hired did. Today, JAMA, which is publishing several studies coinciding with AHA presentations, had to do the same for two studies originally embargoed until tomorrow.

From an email sent out this afternoon:

Please Note: Because two JAMA abstracts were inadvertently made public prior to the embargo, the embargo is being lifted for the POSEIDON trial by Hare et al, the TIME trial by Traverse et al, and the accompanying editorial. The releases are below.

The JAMA Network Media Relations department apologizes for any inconvenience.

Shelley Wood, of TheHeart.Org, noticed the Hare et. al. abstract was live on Medline and tweeted about it at 1:42 Eastern today. (Hat tip, Brian Reid.) That, according to an AHA email sent by Globe Newswire, the same vendor that broke the AHA embargo yesterday, was the inadvertent break:

The Journal of the American Medical Association inadvertently provided abstracts of embargoed articles on the trials, which it is publishing simultaneously, to PubMed, which published abstracts of the studies online.

Like the AHA, the JAMA journals have broken their own embargoes before. They had a sense of humor about it.


Written by Ivan Oransky

November 5, 2012 at 3:16 pm

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