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Guardian breaks embargo on Science oil spill plume paper, reporter removed from EurekAlert access

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A reporter at The Guardian has been sanctioned by EurekAlert after her story about a Science paper detailing the oil plume still sitting in the Gulf of Mexico was reprinted on The Age newspaper’s website before the 2 p.m. Eastern embargo had lifted yesterday.

Science Press Package director Kathy Wren told me by email:

The story in The Age appears to be a republished version of Suzanne Goldenberg’s article in The Guardian online. We were alerted to the “teaser” statement within her story and immediately contacted The Guardian. We reached a night-desk editor who removed the reference to the forthcoming Science paper. Unfortunately, it appears that the story had already been recirculated at that point in time and thus wound up in The Age online. The reporter has been removed from access to embargoed EurekAlert! content.

“The reporter” refers to The Guardian’s Suzanne Goldenberg.

Thanks to an Embargo Watch tipster for flagging The Age story yesterday. In a “worlds colliding” moment, I covered The Guardian story on Retraction Watch today because of its headline: “BP oil spill: US scientist retracts assurances over success of cleanup.”


Written by Ivan Oransky

August 20, 2010 at 12:44 pm

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