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Are these embargo breaks?

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Two items caught my eye today. (Well, actually one caught my eye, and the other caught an Embargo Watch tipster’s eye.)

First, this blog entry from Merrill Goozner, in which he quotes a paragraph from an editorial he wrote that’s appearing in the Archives of Internal Medicine next week. The editorial is in response to this study about how the media covers cancer treatments. The study was released early, on March 16, but the editorial — as Merrill notes — is still embargoed.

Next, this tweet from USA Today’s Rita Rubin:

CDC to release report 3/23 on U.S. c-section trends. It’s embargoed until 11:30 a.m. Tuesday. I’ll tweet a link to my story that afternoon.

So, were these embargo breaks? Rita tells me the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics press office gave her the OK to tweet what she did. I’m with Rita and the NCHS, but I’m not sure a medical journal would agree.

I have a message in to the JAMA/Archives press office about the cancer editorial. I do find it odd that the editorial is still embargoed now that the study isn’t, so I’m not inclined to call this a break myself.

Tell me what you think, dear Embargo Watch readers.


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March 19, 2010 at 3:49 pm

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